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About Us

A family way of life wildlife removal

Go Pro Wildlife Removal Company is the well-known & nation’s leading Wildlife Control Services Company and has been resolving wildlife and pest issues for customers for over 30 years. So, having experience more than 30 years, owners Chris & Stephanie, have been passionately working with native and exotic wildlife, and the general public.

We are fully trained on the latest wildlife control techniques and tools. Our backgrounds include wildlife rehabilitation, aquaculture, and being zookeepers. You name it; we have likely worked with that species. This experience has proved essential in helping to provide wildlife conflict resolution. Needless to say, we know wildlife.

Our goals have been to bridge the gap between human interactions and protecting our natural resources - our wildlife! By providing Wildlife Control Services, we strive to educate the public about native wildlife biology and natural history while conserving native wildlife and their habitat. Our household consists of three (rotten spoiled) dogs, two cats, one rabbit, and a beta fish. We enjoy hiking in the beautiful Alabama parks and have a passion for scuba diving.

What kind of damages can do Wildlife?

  • Leave droppings behind
  • Eat drywall and tear insulation
  • Destroy property and belongings
  • Die in your walls, creating foul odors
  • Damage to timber and other natural resources
  • Make disturbing noises in your walls and attic
  • Chew through wires, pipes, brickwork and destroy insulation
  • Damage to your lawn by eating up your fruits and vegetables
  • Some wildlife animals not only damage your home but also cause infectious diseases

In 2003 Chris and Stephanie both received degrees in Zoo Science and had worked in different fields in wildlife conservation. Upon entering the wildlife industry, Chris realized the disconnect people have with hired wildlife companies. Learning issues that arrive when making an informed decision such as what will happen to the animal(s) and proper long term fixes.

When dealing with his customers, Chris brings his passion, knowledge, and dedication to his valuable customers. Within this industry, customers are often given fear-driven choices, which often brings high costs without results. We take an environmentally conscious and educated approach. When consulting with customers, Chris wants to leave them with peace of mind and manageability. Go Pro Wildlife Removal’s mission is not to secure contracts, but to be an ambassador to assist those when wildlife conflicts have occurred.

Go Pro Wildlife Removal’s Service Areas; - Our Wildlife Control Services are available in Auburn, Opelika, Lake Martin, and surrounding areas in Alabama.

Mission Statement

“Go Pro Wildlife Removal’s mission is to provide affordable & quick humane wildlife removal & control services with qualified and experienced technicians throughout Opelika, Auburn, and surrounding areas.”


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