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Serving the Magic City

Alabama’s ‘Magic City’ is home to some not-so-magical nuisance wildlife. The mild climate and wooded areas around Birmingham create the perfect environment for animals to inhabit. The growth of Birmingham continues to this day and new construction leaves wildlife searching for places to take shelter. As forested areas turn suburban, wildlife exclusion becomes a must-have in and around the Birmingham region.

Go Pro Wildlife Removal is a full-service wildlife removal and control company servicing north Alabama, including Birmingham and its surrounding neighborhoods. We are fully licensed, insured and experienced. Our team provides solutions for homeowners experiencing wildlife conflict issues.

Bat Exclusion Needs in Birmingham

With sixteen different species found in the state of Alabama, bats remain a prevalent issue. Many bat species are found in various Birmingham caves and find their way out and about into the surrounding suburban areas. Many times, homeowners do not know they have bat issues until a bat makes its way into their home and flies around the house. Because bats are known to carry deadly diseases, it’s important to get help from the pros. Go Pro Wildlife Removal is here to assist the Birmingham area with any bat issues that may arise by offering free inspections and bat exclusion services.

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