Gutter Guard cleaning protects from wildlife and prevents leaves and other debris from damaging your cutters and causing irreversible corrosion over time. Gutter cleaning is essential, especially in the fall when debris such as leaves, nuts and twigs begin falling from surrounding trees.

Gutters that are filled with leaves, branches and other debris create a primary place for squirrels to nest and hide from predators. Because squirrels teeth are constantly growing, they are constantly looking for something to chew on. Once gaining access to your gutters, they will eat away at the roof shingles and trim of your home.

Gutter Guard Cleaning Process

  • Go Pro Wildlife Removal will clean your gutters of all leaf debris.

  • Once gutters are clean, Go Pro Wildlife Removal will install gutter guards.

  • You no longer have to worry about leaf debris, or squirrels getting into your gutters again.