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If you are one of the unlucky homeowners that have unknowingly offered refuge to bats in your home, you’re not alone. Bats are one of the most common wildlife intruders and can take residence in old and new homes from inside attics and chimneys to the columns on your porch. If you have noticed signs that indicate bats may be in your home, do not take it upon yourself to remove them. Here’s why: some bats are endangered! Out of the 1,400 species, 21 are critically endangered, 83 are endangered and 109 are vulnerable. While they may be an inconvenient intruder in your home, but they are worth saving.

Why Are Bats Worth Saving?

Bats are insectivorous, better understood as insect-eating. Basically, they get rid of all those nasty bugs around your home. They are especially known for their taste of the Corn Earworm Moth, more commonly known as (cotton bollworm, tomato fruitworm, etc.). This pest eats through all sorts of fruits and vegetables you love, including artichokes and watermelons.

How do you feel about flowers? Bats are key in pollinating them. If you thought only bees pollinated flowers, we hate to say it, but you’re wrong. Bats are the primary pollinator of a wide variety of plants from many flowers to giant cacti to agave. (No agave means no tequila! What would we do then?!) In addition to pollen, they also spread seeds that eventually provide shelter and food to other animals. Overall, bats are vital to the resurgence and growth of our planet.

Have we convinced you Bats are worth the effort to takes to safely remove them from your home? Great, instead of whacking the bat with a stick you found in your attic, we encourage you to call a wildlife removal professional. As you may have guessed, there are many options for removing bats from your home. These include allowing it to leave on its own, using tubes and other exclusion methods. However, a specialist will know the best and safest way to remove the bat or colony from your home. They will be able to remove the bat(s) humanely and with care.

Bonus tip: Some bat species are federally protected, meaning the mishandling of these species could result in federal penalties. You may not be able to identify each species, but a specialist will be able to do so. Basically, it’s best to call in some backup.

If you’re having trouble with bats in your home and you’re in Auburn/Opelika, Montgomery, Lake Martin or surrounding areas, give us a call at (334) 744-0391.

Go Pro Wildlife Removal is an experienced and knowledgeable team ready to help with the identification or removal of bats or other unwanted guests. We have the necessary tools and resources to protect your home and implement exclusion options.

Source: Bat Conservation International / Ending Bat Extinctions Worldwide

Myth: Wildlife Removal and Pest Control Are the Same

February 28th, 2024|Comments Off on Myth: Wildlife Removal and Pest Control Are the Same

Are you calling the right specialist to get rid of unwanted guests and pests? Learn the difference between pest control and wildlife removal specialists and know who to call!

Technologies to Enhance Wildlife Monitoring and Removal

January 17th, 2024|Comments Off on Technologies to Enhance Wildlife Monitoring and Removal

Technology such as infrared cellular cameras, electronic trap monitoring and drones can assist in the effective and ethical removal of wildlife. The Go Pro Wildlife Removal team utilizes the latest technologies to enhance all aspects of our services.

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