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European House Sparrows

Bird Exclusion Project in Montgomery

Nuisance birds can cause property damage and pose health hazards for humans. Proper bird exclusion, like a recent project Go Pro Wildlife Removal completed for Auburn University Montgomery (AUM), can humanely and permanently remove birds to prevent harm to structures and people.

The Problem

AUM, like many outdoor sport complexes, was having an issue with birds perching and defecating around its softball field and concession area.  Go Pro Wildlife Removal arrived at the site to perform an initial inspection, and it was determined that European House Sparrows, one of the most common nuisance birds in the U.S., were to blame.

The sparrows were nesting along the steel beams and brick pillars of the softball complex, and the site was quickly becoming a prime nesting area, causing a nuisance and potential health issues to humans.

Previous Attempts to Remove the Birds

Bird spikes had previously been used to try and deter the birds from nesting, but the spikes were not a good solution for this issue. Bird spikes work well for non-nesting animals, and for birds looking to just make a “pit-stop” somewhere.

However, nesting animals have an intense drive to nest – spikes will not prevent nesting in such a case. Spikes may only work if nesting hasn’t started.

Go Pro’s Solution

Go Pro Wildlife Removal is a Bird Barrier certified organization, and used Bird Barrier solutions to facilitate AUM’s bird exclusion process:

  1. Bird nests are removed
  2. Go Pro used specialized detergents to get rid of bird pheromones
  3. Diligent pressure washing and cleaning of the affected areas
  4. Installation of a netting system

Bird Barrier Netting

Bird exclusion solutions can range from temporary to permanent based upon client needs. Installation of netting is the most extreme and permanent solution to bird issues, and can be used in any enclosed or semi-enclosed area or opening.

AUM’s softball players, coaches and fans no longer have to worry about birds disrupting their experiences at the complex. If you’re in need of bird exclusion services, contact our team.

Go Pro Wildlife Removal is an experienced and knowledgeable team ready to help with the identification or removal of birds or installation of barriers or exclusion of other unwanted guests. We have the necessary tools and resources to protect your home and implement  exclusion options. To learn more about services or request an inspection, give us a call at (334) 744-0391.

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