With a natural drive for survival, snakes are constantly searching for a food source, as well as seeking shelter in areas with coverage. Snakes are cold-blooded reptiles that serve as nature’s pest control, making them an important species that keep ecosystems in balance. Whether you’re a snake fan or your skin crawls thinking about the critters that slither, it’s best to be prepared and know the common places they may be found on your property.

Thick Shrubbery

Snakes typically seek shelter in areas that include some sort of shielding, like heavy vegetation or a pile of leaves. Where there is shelter, there is usually a food source for snakes as well. This includes rodents, insects, amphibians, fish and even chickens and their eggs. When doing yard work, we recommend keeping a cautious eye on snakes. The saying “If it was a snake, it would’ve bit you,” rings true. With colors that allow them to camouflage into their surroundings, snakes are hard to see at first glance. Thick shrubbery provides snakes with a shady place to lay low and sneak up on prey nesting among the grass.

Crawl Space

Crawl spaces under your house or business tend to be damp, dark and warm. With crawl spaces often providing additional storage, this secondary storage area can inadvertently create a haven for various pests and snakes to take shelter. With the right climate and food availability to attract snakes, crawl spaces are an ideal area for snakes to breed, lay eggs and possibly enter your home. Go Pro Wildlife Removal offers crawl space vent exclusions which will help keep snakes out from under your home.

Bodies of Water

Snakes are also commonly found near bodies of water such as creeks, rivers, streams, swamps and lakes. Smaller water sources on or around your property such as rain puddles, bird baths and pools also attract snakes. If your yard features a natural or artificial water source, snakes may be drawn to it as they need water to survive. Wet environments also harbor an abundance of food sources and supply needed water for survival. Aquatic snakes such as cottonmouths, also known as water moccasins, are one of the six venomous snakes in Alabama found near or in water. When swimming in a lake or body of water, we recommend keeping an open eye for snakes gliding by and steering clear from banks with heavy shrubbery.

Familiarize Yourself with Snake Species

The first step to take when it comes to dealing with snakes is education. Take the time to learn about the variety of snakes that live in your area, including what they look like and their behavior patterns, so you can feel more confident in determining if a snake could be a true threat to your family. Go Pro Wildlife has developed tools to help our neighbors identify both venomous and non-venomous snakes.

Wildlife Identification Guide: 6 Venomous Snakes in Alabama

Wildlife Identification Guide: Top 5 Non-Venomous Snakes in Alabama

Wildlife Identification Guide: 6 Additional Non-Venomous Snakes In Alabama

What to do if You See a Snake in Your Yard

Most often snakes are just passing through, never to be seen again. However, it is important to educate and familiarize yourself with local snake species. If you notice a snake in your yard and try to relocate it either on your own or through a wildlife removal specialist, the relocation is likely only a temporary solution. Snakes have home “ranges” they travel in, and your yard is probably part of its range, meaning it will likely make its way back.

Recognize that seeing a snake in your yard is perfectly normal. Do not attempt to pick the snake up, but rather watch it from a safe distance to ensure your safety. Snakes will typically vacate on their own.

Different species of snakes will occupy different ecological areas and have different behaviors. It is important to become educated on the variety of snakes and where they can be found so you can keep yourself and your family safe.

Go Pro Wildlife Removal is an experienced and knowledgeable team prepared to help with the identification or removal of unwanted guests. To learn more about our inspections and snake removal give us a call at (334) 744-0391.

Myth: Wildlife Removal and Pest Control Are the Same

February 28th, 2024|Comments Off on Myth: Wildlife Removal and Pest Control Are the Same

Are you calling the right specialist to get rid of unwanted guests and pests? Learn the difference between pest control and wildlife removal specialists and know who to call!

Technologies to Enhance Wildlife Monitoring and Removal

January 17th, 2024|Comments Off on Technologies to Enhance Wildlife Monitoring and Removal

Technology such as infrared cellular cameras, electronic trap monitoring and drones can assist in the effective and ethical removal of wildlife. The Go Pro Wildlife Removal team utilizes the latest technologies to enhance all aspects of our services.

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