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Go Pro Wildlife Removal recently provided bat exclusion services to a funeral home located in Union Springs, Alabama. The owners of the business reached out to the Go Pro team after several, unsuccessful in-house attempts to resolve the issue. The Go Pro team had previously completed several, successful exclusion projects in Union Springs and were referred to the business by satisfied neighbors and business owners. The Go Pro team began with a thorough inspection to determine the scope of work required to extract the bats safely and effectively. Upon initial inspection, multiple entry points were identified in the property which was constructed in the 1930s.

Identifying Entry Points

During the inspection, entry points and signs of bat activity were found. Both sebum (brown and dark green stains from bat’s bodily oil) and guano (bat droppings) were located, with the attic being identified as the main point of entry and housing a bat colony of more than 1,000 bats. The colony of bats most likely grew to such a significant number over a two-to-five-year period. The Go Pro team concluded that due to other bat exclusion projects conducted in the area, many of the bats may have relocated to the funeral home over time.

Non-Lethal Exclusion Process

It is important to immediately address bat issues to reduce the chances of further structural damage. By allowing bats to remain nested in the attic, guano can become a major health risk and cause illness in humans.

The Go Pro team installed a one-way bat cone to allow the bats currently occupying the space to fly out. The cone does not allow for re-entry and serves as a non-lethal, humane way of removing bats from the area. After giving the bats time to exit through the cone, the team returned days later to seal the entry points in which the bats had been entering. Sealing the entry points must be done accurately to ensure the bats are unable to re-enter the space. With the attic being the main point of entry and focus of this project, the team then began sealing entry points including facia gaps, drip lines, pitches and gaps in the siding. The exclusion took a total of one week to complete from inspection to conclusion.

Following the exclusion, remediation will take place. This process involves removing all droppings and damaged material. The area will be treated through sanitation and deodorization to help prevent health hazards.

Bringing Awareness to Bats

October is National Bat Appreciation Month. Although these animals occasionally invade homes and businesses, they play a significant role in controlling the insect population and flower pollination by spreading seeds that eventually provide shelter to other animals. Keeping bats safe means keeping our environment safe. Removing these creatures in a way that is not harmful is very important to our overall ecology.

As the weather begins to cool bats begin searching for warm, undisturbed areas to roost. Be on the lookout for sebum and guano in both residential and commercial properties. Bats take advantage of the warmth and protection these structures provide in the fall and winter. Remember, bats do not discriminate based on a structure’s age. New homes and businesses are as attractive as a 1930’s structure and often, just as easy to enter. Go Pro specializes in identifying entry points for bats and other wildlife, implementing removal processes and securing the space to prevent re-entry. Learn more about this project on our YouTube channel.

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