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As winter approaches, squirrels are becoming more active and looking for warm places to nest. Homeowners must be on the lookout for signs of disruptive squirrels. Squirrels are adaptable animals that are skilled in finding the best sources for food and shelter.

Squirrels seek shelter in warm, dry areas such as attics because they provide a safe home away from predators where females can safely raise their young. Being able to identify damage caused by these animals can help you eliminate the situation and keep your home secure for the holidays and year-round. If you suspect squirrels in your home, take 10 minutes to inspect your attic area for the following signs of squirrel behavior.

Chewed Wires

Squirrels are a member of the rodent family and have teeth that are constantly growing. Because of this, they must chew to wear down their front teeth. Gnawing can be very destructive to the exterior of your home. Once inside, squirrels will chew through wires, especially electrical wires. Chewing electrical wires not only causes damage to the home but can easily become a fire hazard.

Distinct Smells  

The droppings left behind by squirrels are accompanied by strong, distinct smells. These smells come from feces and urine and are difficult to eliminate. If you start to smell this, you can correctly identify squirrel droppings by their brown or reddish tint. Not only do squirrels leave behind droppings and urine, but they are also known to carry numerous diseases that present dangers to humans. It is important to identify and clean areas where squirrels have been.

Creating Access for Other Wildlife

Squirrels don’t just chew the wires in a home, they also have habits of chewing holes through walls. These holes begin as tiny holes in the wall or ceiling, but later become large enough for other nuisance wildlife, like bats and raccoons to use as entry points. While you may not notice squirrel damage to the exterior of your home immediately, you may notice other signs around your property such as:

  • Holes in shingles
  • Large, shapeless nests in your insulation
  • Sounds of scurrying or scratching

If you suspect squirrels have taken residence in your home, reach out to the Go Pro team. Go Pro Wildlife Removal identifies and repairs all entry points so squirrels cannot re-enter your home. After sealing the entry points, the main entry point will be located and used to trap any remaining squirrels using a one-way non-lethal door. This solution eliminates further damage and is an ethical way to remove unwanted wildlife. Remember, Santa Claus is the only one who should be making his way into your home this holiday season.

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