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Homeowners never expect wildlife like raccoons, rodents or squirrels to cause problems within their dwelling, but issues can arise more often than one might expect. Plus, without the proper exclusion practices, wildlife infestation can become a long-term problem that includes property damage and disease.

Vince A. and his family were surprised by a raccoon in their Montgomery-area home and turned to Go Pro Wildlife Removal for professional and permanent wildlife removal.

The Problem: Raccoon Sighting

 Vince’s daughter first heard noise in the attic above her room in the middle of the night. Upon investigation, she spotted a raccoon in the area above her bedroom.

Raccoons are known for their troublesome behavior and can be seen at night in parks, neighborhoods, yards or areas where food has been left out. They are adaptable animals and can have up to two litters per year. Raccoons often make shelters in attics, as they are usually warm, dry and protected from bad weather. Female raccoons look for safe and enclosed areas to give birth and raise their pups. Attics are also near easily accessed food sources like pet food and garbage cans.

Unfortunately, raccoons often damage insulation, ventilation and electrical systems that run through attics. They can also cause serious diseases like baylisascaris, leptospirosis and rabies.

Choosing Go Pro Wildlife Removal

 As he began searching for a solution to his raccoon problem, Vince turned to Google reviews. He noticed Go Pro Wildlife Removal had fewer reviews than local competition, but they were all 5-stars. He first called a Montgomery-based company that had more reviews with fewer stars, but they didn’t answer. At that time, he turned to the pros – Chris Kadletz, owner of Go Pro Wildlife Removal, answered his call and scheduled an inspection for the following day.

Professional Wildlife Exclusion: The Process

According to Vince, Chris was thorough and kept him informed of everything he observed during the inspection, and steps required for exclusion at each point. Following the walk-through, Chris put together a remediation plan and advised Vince to notify his insurance company.

After getting things squared away with the insurance company, Vince was added to the Go Pro schedule for the following week to begin the raccoon removal process.

Chris and his team arrived on time and completed the previously discussed exclusion objectives. Vince was advised that he may hear raccoon activity overnight, and he did. The team returned the following day to find that the re-entry countermeasures had been tripped. At that point, the Go Pro team began repairing and sealing what was within their scope of work, inspected the attic space to confirm there were no more raccoons, and cleaned up their work areas. Finally, Chris requested that Vince keep him informed of progress with sanitization and larger repairs.

The Go Pro Difference

Vince recalls working with Go Pro Wildlife Removal positively, and says that the entire team was professional, courteous, informative and communicative throughout each step of the exclusion process.

Thanks to his decision to call Go Pro Wildlife Removal, Vince received a raccoon-free home, peace of mind and a job well done.

Myth: Wildlife Removal and Pest Control Are the Same

February 28th, 2024|Comments Off on Myth: Wildlife Removal and Pest Control Are the Same

Are you calling the right specialist to get rid of unwanted guests and pests? Learn the difference between pest control and wildlife removal specialists and know who to call!

Technologies to Enhance Wildlife Monitoring and Removal

January 17th, 2024|Comments Off on Technologies to Enhance Wildlife Monitoring and Removal

Technology such as infrared cellular cameras, electronic trap monitoring and drones can assist in the effective and ethical removal of wildlife. The Go Pro Wildlife Removal team utilizes the latest technologies to enhance all aspects of our services.

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