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With summer fast approaching gardeners everywhere are gearing up to return to the great outdoors! Unfortunately, they aren’t the only ones enjoying the warmer weather. Go Pro Wildlife Removal is offering preventative exclusion solutions to protect your garden this summer through strategic plant deterrence. Here we explore which species of wildlife might take up residence in your garden, which plants could be attracting them and how some plants might help you issue an effective eviction.

Common Garden Guests and Pests

The spring and summer seasons see more animals on the move than ever, and for many your garden is the perfect vacation spot. Gardens frequently tempt wildlife to gather and forage with some of the most common residents being deer, raccoons and squirrels. While their presence can occasionally be charming, their frequent visits can frustrate dedicated gardeners. By bettering our understanding of these animals and their behaviors, one might cultivate greater harmony in the great outdoors.


Deer are notorious for the havoc they can wreak on gardens. These curious, yet destructive creatures are easily enticed by anything that serves as a source of nutrition. Whether working alone or moving in a herd, deer may decimate vegetable and flower gardens alike by eating or trampling the vegetation. Although generally beautiful to observe, they can deprive gardeners of another beautiful sight: a well-tended garden in full bloom.


Raccoons can significantly impact your garden in a few ways. Raccoons are omnivores and frequently eat any variety of fruit or vegetable available to them. Their attempts to secure a midnight snack can see your plants uprooted and decorative features in disarray. While they may not be picky eaters, there are some plants the savvy gardener can utilize to dissuade their visits.


Squirrels’ foraging efforts are similarly detrimental. While the severity of their impact can range from that of a slight nuisance to sparking significant frustration, squirrels are notorious for nibbling and digging. These actions can damage root systems and dislodge soil and seedlings alike. Minimizing the impact of squirrels on your garden requires a home-grown blend of knowledge and preparation.

Attractive Blooms with Unintended Allure

While the following plants are fruitful and gorgeous in bloom, it is important to consider that they could be encouraging unwanted visitors.

  1. Lillies
  2. Tulips
  3. Azaleas

Lilies are a favorite of pollinators, but they also have a penchant for attracting destructive insects. In recent years, the invasive lily beetle has been a source of concern for gardeners and conservationists alike who struggle to combat their spread. Tulips are tempting for a wide range of wildlife, including deer, rabbits, voles and squirrels. Finally, azalea’s lush blooms attract a variety of insects bothersome to the plant and people.

Deterring Unwelcome Wildlife

Plants with fuzzy leaves, potent smells or a bitter taste naturally deter animals. Below is a compiled list of garden additions with these features. These plants are not only beautiful, but they also assist in your gardening efforts to deter wildlife and protect your other plants and vegetation. Add these to your summer garden and watch them bloom!

  1. Zinnias
  2. Marigolds
  3. Daffodils
  4. Rosemary
  5. Lavender

Zinnias, lavender and rosemary are all highly fragrant, which can be unappealing to some insects like mosquitos and ants. Rosemary in particular packs an extra punch by producing limonene; a highly effective mosquito repellent which has been shown to surpass some manufactured deterrents. Marigolds boast a similarly natural property thanks to their production of linalool, which even repels some species of beetles. Plenty of pests will find these plants discouraging, but daffodils are downright deadly. Daffodils’ poisonous bulbs can certainly stop rats from returning; just remember to plant them where household pets like cats and dogs aren’t also at risk.

If your sumptuous summer garden doesn’t completely drive off nuisance wildlife, call Go Pro Wildlife for an inspection.

Myth: Wildlife Removal and Pest Control Are the Same

February 28th, 2024|Comments Off on Myth: Wildlife Removal and Pest Control Are the Same

Are you calling the right specialist to get rid of unwanted guests and pests? Learn the difference between pest control and wildlife removal specialists and know who to call!

Technologies to Enhance Wildlife Monitoring and Removal

January 17th, 2024|Comments Off on Technologies to Enhance Wildlife Monitoring and Removal

Technology such as infrared cellular cameras, electronic trap monitoring and drones can assist in the effective and ethical removal of wildlife. The Go Pro Wildlife Removal team utilizes the latest technologies to enhance all aspects of our services.

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